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Very Honest

I have known Mr. Parker since his first year in Law School. He is one of the honest and hardest working attorneys I have dealt with. There is no doubt I would recommend him to anyone for anything. I have confidence that he would always do his very best no matter the situation. I truly believe Mr. Parker wants to be helpful to others.

– Fletcher

Breath of Fresh Air

Adam is a very upfront no-nonsense attorney. He jokes around a little to keep things light but he is a Godsend. After having a public defender not do his job, we were led to Mr. Parker. He showed me the attention I needed to feel confident with my case. He always answered the phone and got back to me immediately with any email I sent. He is very wise and knows the law. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Thank You, Adam.

– Crystal


Mr. Parker is one of the few honest lawyers out there. He has actually helped me and my family out twice now. He was able to break all the legal jargon down to a way that he could easily communicate with us and we felt at ease. He is a great person who actually cares about people. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

– John