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Many people are reluctant to file personal injury claims, even after serious accidents and injuries. While you may want to move on from your accident and put the whole experience behind you, the injuries you sustained could come with many consequences, and you should not have to face these consequences alone.

At The Law Office Of Adam E. Parker, we make sure you don’t have to. Although, we understand no amount of money will change what happened, we aggressively fight for compensation on your behalf. Why? A successful personal injury lawsuit can help secure your future and financial security, which is important in the face of medical bills, missed wages, and more.

Filing a Claim

The claims process can be complicated, but with The Law Office Of Adam E. Parker, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you may have already started. Seeking medical attention after an accident is one of the most important parts of the claims process. From there, you will want to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers and tell us about your case.

Once you give us permission, we can access your medical records and bills. While this can be a long process, it will give us all the information we need to take the next step. For our firm, the next step is usually issuing a demand. Once we issue a demand, we wait for a response. Most often, the other party makes an offer to settle your case outside of court. This offer sparks negotiations, which allow us to fight for your best interests in a pre-trial environment. Most personal injury lawsuits do not go to court and end when you accept a settlement offer that meets your needs.

Nevertheless, when the other party refuses to cooperate or make a fair offer, we will not hesitate to go to court and fight for you. We do this because we know: Results matter. Experience matters. You matter.

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